Thursday, September 18, 2014

Coming in September and October

So we've had some serious delays with both printing and duplication on a few of our products but it sounds like everything is coming together finally...  So here is a short list of things you should have in your grubby hands before Halloween:

•KTL / Live Archive Vol. 1 cassette—features two live recordings of KTL, one in Poland and one in Australia. Almost and hour and a half of music kicks off a series of live recordings that takes up about 16 hours of live recordings. Letterpressed covers with original artwork by Demian Johnston inside.

•Demian Johnston / Hidden cdr—a super small run of new guitar work by Demian. This is very different from his previous work though and features something he hasn't attempted before. Scary.

•BLSPHM / I Can't Die Here cassette—first new work in a few months. We are very excited to share this stuff with you.

Shortly after that:

•Crystal Hell Pool / Absolute Night cs—a long time coming but well worth the wait. I can't wait to share this.

•BLSPHM / Pentagram cdr—an homage to the design firm.

•Great Falls / Live cs—featuring beautiful letterpressed artwork from Max Clotfelter

•Blsphm / Green cs—25 tapes of horror

•Blsphm / A Trail Through the Woods—25 more cassettes but not nearly as scary

Friday, February 14, 2014

KTL live cassette series

So this is something I have been trying to get done for quite awhile. Now it is happening. Volume 1 will be ready shortly and the remaining 11 volumes will come out pretty quickly afterwards...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blank slate.

Things are changing. I have decided to start over fresh. This is going to be a different type of site/blog altogether. I have deleted all the posts and will be starting over fresh. New photos, descriptions and sounds will follow for every release. New and old. It's been a long 5 years but that was just the exposition chapter.